How It Works

When you fill out an application, you are submitting your work for feature on our instagram gallery as well as submitting for our drop-ship print service. This service is most beneficial for artists who have not yet figured out how to manufacture, package, or ship prints. Customers will be able to purchase prints of your work directly from our instagram when we post it. We take care of everything else, for a small manufacturing and shipping fee (see below).
Artists get to choose their own payout for each size and receive the income from all their sales at the end of the week. Black Artist Space adds our fee on top of your payout, and this is what the customer pays:
8x10" - Manufacturing/shipping fee $10 + your payout (you decide) = customer fee
11x14" - Manufacturing/shipping fee $15 + your payout (you decide) = customer fee
13x19" - Manufacturing/shipping fee $20 + your payout (you decide) = customer fee
 All prints are printed on 60 lb polar white matte paper (We will be offering poster prints in the near future).

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please fill out the form below!

Drop-Ship Form

Black Artist Space agrees to:


  • take responsibility in printing high quality archival matte prints of the artist’s original work, as well as packaging and shipping

  • never share or use the high resolution images of the artist’s original work outside of this drop-shipping service

  • keep accurate records of the artist’s sales and notify the artist every time they receive a sale

  • send payments to the artist on the last day of the month

  • remove all of the artist’s original work from our shop and computers whenever the artist decides to end the contract



The artist agrees to:


  • release high resolution images to Black Artist Space to manufacture, promote, sell, and ship prints on our website and instagram account, that profit both Black Artist Space and the artist



The artist understands that:


  • they maintain ownership and rights to all of their original artwork

  • they may end the contract at any time and it will cease on the last day of that month

  • Black Artist Space will only subtract their manufacturing fee from the price the customer pays for the print, and the artist will receive 100% of their requested profit.



Black Artist Space acknowledges that they wrote this contract and agree to everything above.

Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will be approved. You will not be required to provide high resolution images of your art unless you are approved.

Thanks for submitting!