I recently gave a presentation about creativity and someone who was watching asked what I thought was the main thing that prevents people from expressing theirs. The first thing that came to mind was comparison. Being afraid to do something creative in fear of not being good enough at it is comparing yourself to others expressing their creativity. Good enough compared to what? Or to whom? Who says you have to be an expert at something in order to do it? Does it bring you joy? If so, get those painting brushes, those dancing shoes, the camera, those musical instruments and pursue your bliss. The world doesn’t even have to know.

You express yourself creatively for yourself. At least that’s my take on it. I get up and draw what feels and looks good to me. Not a single thought goes into it beyond that. Same with my photography if I am honest. And my writing. Anyway, Happy creating. 🤍


- Lori Saint Rome


Vibrant print on 60 lb matte paper with polar white borders. Comes in 8x10", 11x14", and 13x19". No frame included.

"Venus" by Lori Saint Rome

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