Black Artist Space

What is Black Artist Space?

Black Artist Space is an art assistant brand created in 2014 to help gain exposure for talented Black visual artists. 

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Do I have to paint Black people to be featured?

You don't have to create Black art or paint Black people to be featured. However, since most of the submissions consist of that, there will be mulitple spotlights every month to highlight other types of art.

I'm not that good at art yet. Am I eligible?

Unfortunately, Black Artist Space is not the place to submit for beginner artists. There is a certain level of skill required to be featured. Not everyone will be approved.

Do I have to pay for a feature?

Features are 100% FREE, always! Once your art is approved, you'll be given the option to pay a small fee to move your feature to the front of the line. However this is not a requirement, and your feature will go up regardless.

How do I know if you've accepted my submission?

If you receive an "approved" message and an estimated wait time, your feature will definitely go up! Wait time is typically 3 weeks, but fluctuates depending on line skips, advertisements, and spotlights.

How do I submit my artwork for a feature?

To submit for a possible feature, direct message your artwork directly on instagram or hashtag #blackartistspace under your post. Never mention @blackartistspace under your work or in a story post. These methods typically disappear before we're able to see them.

Can I submit IGTV videos?

IGTV videos can also be submitted. These videos must be art-related (timelapses, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, etc) and not just a video of you showing your art on display.

What is the difference between an advertisement and an art feature?

Advertisements and features are not the same. Ads are exactly that, posts advertising a business, event, promotion, giveaway, etc. You cannot pay to have your art featured.

How do you accept payments?

We only accept payments through PayPal. When dealing with paid posts, please allow us to approve you before you send money. Your request may not be approved and your money will be refunded immediately if you do.

How much does an advertisement cost?

Ad prices are as follows:

1 regular post: $10

2 regular posts: $15

3 regular posts: $25

4 regular posts: $30

5 regular posts: $35

Any combination of regular post and story post wll be priced the same. (ie. 2 stories + 1 regular post = $25). Must use different photos/videos for multiple posts.

What are your operating hours?

We are active every Sun-Thu from 10am-5pm Pacific time. Please allow us up to 48 hours to respond.

Can I submit multiple pieces?

You can submit multiple pieces to heighten your chances of getting a feature, but only one piece will be posted.

How do I become "Artist of the Week"?

"Artist of the Week" goes to the artist with the most likes for that week. You'll receive a post on our home page and a month-long highlight at the top of our instagram page that includes five of our favorite works by you and the link to your shop for people to swipe up & purchase your art. You must have a shop link in your bio.

How do I advertise on the website instead?

Advertising on the website is priced on a monthly and annual basis. 

1 month: $25

3 month bundle: $64 (-15%)

6 month bundle: $120 (-20%)

9 month bundle: $169 (-25%)

1 year bundle: $210 (-30%)



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